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You can’t deny the importance of storing acrylic paints to extend their age. Acrylics are versatile and water-based paints designed to dry faster as compared to oil-based paints, which are time-consuming when it comes to dryness.

Here in the blog article, I’ll give tips on how to store acrylic paint using simple and affordable ways.

How To Store Acrylic Paints?

Acrylic paints must be stored at low temperatures and dry place. Prevent exposing them to direct sunlight and put them inside an air-free environment. For this purpose, use an airtight container or buy an acrylic tube. Some household materials can also be converted into air-free acrylic paint containers too.

How Long Does Acrylic Paint Last?

Acrylic paint lasts longer if they are provided with proper and the right environment. But most likely, they tend to dry out faster, making them useless. The age of the acrylics depends on the kind of paint you’re using, how often you open the tube of the paint, and exposure to air or external conditions.

Storage Location Considerations

Storage conditions play a vital role in the expiry of acrylics. You must be aware of the response of the paint to different situations to save them for years. Let’s talk about these storage considerations in detail.


Acrylics need to be stored at an optimum range of temperatures to maintain quality and original composition. The ideal acrylic paint storage temperature is 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. You can read more about if acrylic paint is heat resistant.

Too much heat or temperature may alter the composition of the paint. Moreover, it extracts moisture from the acrylics, making them hard and non-usable. If the paints get dry, you’ll have to mist them with water or any other mediums in order to make them workable.

On the other hand, a lower temperature than the limit causes the paint to get thicker. At lower temperatures, paint is non-usable but can stay longer. Sometimes freezing is suggested if the paint has to be stored for years.


Acrylics are required to be stored in a moisture-free environment. As we know, there is an appropriate proportion of water content in acrylic paints, so disturbing the composition with moisture may harm the paint quality. 

So make sure to stay away from acrylics from damp locations. For this purpose, use a waterproof container for storage.

How long will the paint be stored?

Another thing you should plan is the storage period of paints. Choose the ideal spot and conditions if you want to store acrylics for a few days. While if the storage is planned for longer, you must provide a well-maintained setup.

Storage containers

When it comes to choosing suitable acrylic craft paint storage containers, you have many options. No matter what container you pick up, ensure the temperature, moisture, and air meet the requirements. 

You can choose among the original paint tube, buy a particular container from the market, use a  bottle or recycle a household material into some kind of storage container.

Original paint tube:

Acrylics come in a tube specifically designed for short-term storage. If handled appropriately, the tube is enough to hold the paint for a few days or months. Keep the lid tight after usage; it ensures no air enters the tube.

Acrylic Paint Storage Container:

You can purchase an acrylic storage container from the market. Different qualities and brands are available. They have somehow upper hand over the original tube as they are synthesised particularly for storing the paint and organising them.

Common Household Items:

If you’re a passionate artist but not able to afford the container, you may convert a household material into a well-maintained container. Make sure the storage requirements are fulfilled; otherwise, you’ll spoil your paint and hard work.

Where to Store Your Acrylic Paints?

You have to choose a separate location for storing acrylic paints as they are sensitive to moisture and heat. A closet or cabinet can be a good option. But how to store acrylic paint in a closet or cabinet? It’s pretty simple.

Store the acrylics just as you put and organise your clothes, shoes, and other items in the closet. Make sure the paints are not leaking and are airtight, or they will ruin your favourite clothes and shoes. 

Acrylic Paint Storage Containers

The best solution to storing the acrylics is an acrylic paint store container. It’s worth spending over buying such a container. It prevents the paint tubes from physical damage. Additionally, it ensures an optimum air-free environment. Moreover, you may buy varying sizes according to your need and bundles of acrylics.

Everyday Household Items for Paint Storage:

If you’re out of budget and looking for ways to store acrylic paints but can’t afford a container, don’t worry; we have a solution to your problem. Use household materials as a container, like an empty egg carton or any container having a lid. The containers you pick should be clean and contaminated-free. Other household materials that can be used to store acrylics are:

  • Aluminium foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Plastic bottles
  • Mason jars
  • Coffee cans
  • Food cans
  • Glass bottles

How To Organise Acrylic Paint Tubes? The Right Way

Once you have found a good location for your acrylic storage, the following main thing you should take into account is organizing the paint tubes so that you may not find it difficult to track them later. For this purpose, we suggest the following steps:

  • Label the paint tubes according to the color and opening date. 
  • Put related colors in a separate line or pile and make borders between two stacks.
  • Keep the lids tight to prevent leakage and damage to the paint composition.
  • You can use a plastic bin or sometimes a drawer unit too.

Can You Store Paint in Plastic Containers?

Yes, you can obversely use plastic containers to store paints. But make sure the container is clean and contamination free. The lid should be tight enough to protect the air from reaching the paint.

You can label the container too, so that you do not have to face difficulty tracking the tubes later.

How to Store Acrylic Paint on Palette:

Acrylic paint is not difficult to store on a palette. There are several ways to do so. The simplest one is using a system designed specifically for storing acrylic paint on a palette.

There is a variety of storage systems in the market designed to fit into your palette. If you’re not interested in spending for such a system, there is an affordable way, just like a clean plastic bin with foil paper. Parchment paper can be used too, instead of foil.

Acrylic Paint Tube Storage Rack DIY:

If you want to make your paint tubes accessible, a rack is a perfect option for storage for acrylic paint. It can be bought from the market and prepared at home with simple supplies. You’ll need the following:

  • Wood
  • Screws
  • Rectangular brackets

The first step is shaping the wood into desired structure and size. Next, fix the brackets over the wood at a suitable distance and design. Finally, put the paint tubes inside the rack and hang them in your room.

How to Store Acrylic Paintings on Canvas:

Acrylic painting storage on canvas is possible but a bit complicated. Maintain a suitable temperature to protect the paint from cracks. If the paint has to face direct sunlight, it’s advised to use UV-resistant glass to cover the canvas.

Exposing the paint to heat can seriously damage the paint and alter its composition. So put away radiators or any other heat sources.

Can You Put Acrylic Paint in the Fridge?

No, putting acrylic paint in the fridge can cause the paint to get thicker, which ultimately becomes the reason behind cracking. 

Instead, prefer a cool and dry spot such as a closet, cupboard, or any other dark location.

Paint Tube Storage Techniques:

Paint tubes are susceptible to physical damage as well as chemical damage. So here is how to store acrylic paint tubes properly.

  • The best practice is to purchase a storage container for your paint tubes. Make the container explicitly designed for the tubes.
  • Another option is a plastic bin. It can be covered with foil paper to make it a more practical storage system.
  • A drawer unit is also recommended sometimes.
  • To keep the tubes in place, use a rack, pellet, or egg carton for storage.

The Best Way to Store Acrylic Craft Paint:

Acrylic craft paint can be stored in many ways. A storage system like a container is the most helpful procedure as it doesn’t need extra maintenance. A plastic bin lined with foil paper is a more accessible and affordable method, while a drawer unit is suitable too. No matter which way you prefer, make sure to provide an optimum environment.

Paint Tube Organiser DIY:

You can prepare a rack for organising your paints at home. You need to shape a block of wood into a specific length and size. You can design the wood according to your style. Fix some rectangular wood blocks over the wood surface in a consistent manner with the help of screws. The paint tube rack is ready now and available to organize your paints.

Creative Ways to Store Craft Paint:

As artists, we know the importance of storing and organizing art supplies, especially when it comes to acrylic paint storage. The paint is much sensitive and easily damageable. So it must be stored properly to make our investment worth it.

The best way to store acrylic paint tubes includes:


Racks are a primary choice when you’re planning to make your paints available in a single spot. The rack holds all your favourite colors in a single place.


A small box that fits your collection is suitable for storing your paints too. It will help you carry your paint tubes with you. Moreover, it’s cheap and easy to get.


Pegboard is great for storing a smaller collection of paints. It helps you put all your colours in a single place and carry them with you anywhere.

How to Preserve Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paints are sensitive and need proper care to last longer and maintain quality. They are water-based and get dry if exposed to harsh conditions. So here are a few tips on how to preserve acrylic paint:

  • Always store acrylics at a lower temperature and dry spot. It can surely prolong the life of paints.
  • Put the paints in an air-free container. An airtight container ensures the quality of the paint. Some of the best-quality paints come in metal tubes, while lower-grade paints are sold in plastic tubes.
  • Prevent the paint from direct sunlight and heat. Too much light causes the paint to get yellow and fade.

Learn how you can fix lumpy acrylic paint.


How to store leftover acrylic paint?

If you’re used to pouring too much paint and have no idea what to do with the leftover acrylic paint, don’t worry; we have your back. Follow the instructions below to save your leftover paint for future use.

  •  Store the paint at lower temperatures and dry spots. It can surely prolong the life of the paint.
  • Put the paint in an air-free container. An airtight container ensures the quality of the paint.
  • Prevent the paint from direct sunlight and heat. Too much light causes the paint to get yellow and fade.
  • Label the container with the storage date and colour name.

What can you do with leftover acrylic paint?

Leftover paints are not useless as long as you know how to reuse them differently. You can mix them with different colours and discover new shades. Give them to your artist colleagues. Moreover, you can donate them to nearby arts institutions.

Can you save dried-up acrylic paint?

Dried-up paints are challenging to revive, but you can add some water and medium to recover them. Unfortunately, the recovered acrylic may not be effective as expected.

What is the best container to store paint in?

The best container to store acrylics is one having tough and moisture-resistant walls, such as plastic or glass containers. Moreover, mason jars and plastic bags are not bad too. But avoid using paper or cardboard containers as they are not able to resist moisture.

How long does acrylic paint last once opened?

Once opened, acrylics last not more than a few days. But if handled properly and stored under strict conditions, they can make their way to survival for years. 

How do you store acrylic pouring paint?

Acrylic pouring paint can be stored in a dark and damp-free location. The paint is too much sensitive and degradable. Moreover, the composition of the paint can be altered, and it may lose its original quality and tone. So store them using a highly maintained system to minimise the risk of exploiting your paint.

Can I store acrylic paint in the refrigerator or freezer?

While storing acrylic paint in a refrigerator or freezer can temporarily extend its shelf life, it’s not necessary under normal circumstances. Extreme temperatures can affect the paint’s consistency and quality, so it’s best to store it in a cool, dry place at room temperature.


So we have learned in detail about “How to store acrylic paint” and found new ways of storing the paint. 

The cool and dry spot is ideal for storing acrylic as higher temperatures and moisture exploit the quality of the paint.

Direct sunlight is prohibited while storing the paint, as UV rays and heat can alter the composition of the paint, and your final art will not be as durable as expected.

Air-free location is ideal for storing the paint. For this purpose, an airtight container can be prepared at home or purchased from the market. One of the best airtight containers for storing acrylics is a Mason jar. 

Labelling your containers with the storage date and paint name helps you track the paint later. Moreover, easily organise the tubes so that you are able to find them whenever you need them.

If you’re left with extra paint or have poured more than needed, you can store and protect them for later use or blend them with other colours for different textures and shades.

So that was all from our side. Please leave a comment with queries, suggestions and appreciation. Thank you!

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