Privacy Policy

How to reach us?

Visit us on our website address

Comment Spamming

We use the Gravatar service to handle spam comments. The visitor’s comments on the website are gathered, analyzed, and provided to Gravators to see if the emails are really used by humans having a specific IP address.

Media Analysis

Adding images may consist of embedded data, including GPS location. To prevent the data from going into the hand of other visitors, we hide the embedded locations or any sensitive information before publishing your images in the comments.


We save your login email and name in cookies to make it convenient for you to visit, comment and reach our pages and services quickly. These cookies may persist for 24 hours, or if you opt for “Remember Me”, the cookies will be saved for a year.

These cookies don’t save any personal data other than your login email. It helps us prevent spam visitors. Our website’s cookies are automatically removed when you’re connected to a new internet connection.

Third-Party Content

Our website may consist of links, images, and content from other sources or websites for the sake of information. Clicking this content leads you to that sources.

We track third-party connections, so you to visit them safely. In this way, we build up a secure interaction between you and the third-party website.


We don’t ask for personal data to get you registered with our website. The only thing you will need to provide is your email. We’ll mail you a security code for confirmation.

You have the right to see and edit your data on our site. You may also use it to remove any kind of personal information you don’t want to provide. However, you can’t change your username more than two times.

How to make your data safe?

We never ask for personal information like your identity card, address, name, or any private data. We possess no right to reach your browser history.

You visit our website anonymously as long as you don’t comment or engage with our site. You only require your email to comment and some basic account creation procedures to get registered.

We keep end-to-end encryption while you’re engaging with our site to provide you with a secure browsing and crawling environment on our site.

Reserved rights by the owner

We reserve the right to keep check and balance on the visitors to avoid spamming and bots. We can block anyone from using ours via their IP address.

We can delete comments if they don’t fulfil our terms of service. We may cancel registration if we find any unusual activity by the user.