How To Make Fake Acrylic Nails Out Of Straw Easy? Step By Step 

There are a lot of DIY techniques to do fake nails, but here in this blog, I’ll specifically talk about how to make fake acrylic nails out of straw.

To make fake acrylic nails with a straw, you have to properly cut and trim the straw to fit your fingers and then coat it with acrylic material for strengthening. 

I’ll explain all these things in detail and help you understand every minor element step by step. So just jump to the post. 

The information shared here comes from the real-time experience of the writer and verification of the strategies, tips, and cautions by our reputed nail beauty experts.

Moreover, the methods discussed here are encouraged by our nail technicians in collaboration with famous beauty artists Tom Bachik and Jin Soon Choi.

Step By Step Procedure To Make Fake Acrylic Nails With Straw

To ease your navigation through the post and make you better understand the topic, I’ve tried to break down the process in the following steps.  

Step 1: Prepare Straw Nails 

  • Cut The Straw Properly

The very first step is cutting and shaping the straw so that it fits your nails. 

For this purpose, take scissors and insert one of the cutting points inside the straw in order to cut and open it.  

Make sure you cut the straw straight and precisely to avoid irregular edges. 

For this purpose, you will have to be very focused and hold the scissor straight in line with the straw. 

You can get the straw according to your desired length of nails by cutting it horizontally, making various pieces. 

  • Flatten The Straw 

The curls in the straw may cause hurdles during preparation and application. So you have to remove these curls and flatten the straw.

You can do it by putting these straw pieces inside a heavy book. Just flatten the pieces with your fingers and place them in the middle of the book, putting some pressure on them.

After 10 mins, you’ll see significant improvement in them. The curves will be corrected enough that they will resemble nail tips that are available in the market. 

  • Customize The Straw Width  

Now, customise the width of the straw. It is most probable that straw will have bigger width as compared to your nail bed.

With the help of scissors, keep cutting the straw from the edges and until you get a perfect fit. 

While cutting, keep measuring the straw for sizing by placing it over your nail surface.

  • Customize The Shape Of Straw

You can shape the straw according to your choice. Customize it into the oval, round, almond, coffin, or any other type you like.  

If you’re already familiar with these shapes, it’s good. However, if you want to explore more nail shape ideas, just google them and use a reference image for cutting and shaping your straw nail. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Natural Nails 

  • Clean Your Nails

Wash your hands with soap and thoroughly rub your nails to extract the dirt and oils. 

It will produce a neat surface for the fake nails made with straw.

  • Buff Your Nails

To produce a rough and adhesive nail bed, you have to buff it gently. Take a fine-grit buffer and move it over the natural nail surface like a saw. 

But avoid aggressive buffing, as it can lead to nail thinning and damage. Get rid of dust particles with a dust brush. 

  • Apply Nail Primer

Now apply a nail primer or base coat to the surface of the nail to promote protection and strong adhesion. 

Step 3: Apply The Straw Nails

This step involves putting on straw nails. You can use these plastic nails in two ways, either apply them like nail tips or use them as press-on nails. 

To attach them to your natural nails, you can use two methods, using glue or double-sided tape. Here’s how to make fake nails with glue.

Just apply the nail glue directly over the nails or at the base of the fake nails. Hold them against the nail bed for a few seconds so that the glue dries out and bonds the plastic nails with natural nails. 

How to make fake nails with straw without glue? As I said earlier, if you want to attach these synthetic nails without glue, you can a double-sided tape. 

Peel off the non-sticky layer from one side of the tape first and attach that side to the nail bed of your fingers. Next, peel off the other side layer and attach the fake nails to it.

Although this method may not provide a longer manicure, it can equip you with a temporary solution to show off your nails. 

Step 4: Strengthen With Acrylic Material

This step is optional. If you’re willing to enjoy long-lasting fake nails, you may strengthen the above attachments with acrylic material. 

The process is the same as doing acrylic nails at home or at the salon. You just have to prepare acrylic liquid or its substitute and powder, followed by their application on the straw nails.

In this case, the synthetic nails made with plastic straws will act as nail tips for acrylic nails. 

Step 5: Apply Nail Polish To Straw Nails 

Here comes the last step, where you have the command to color your straw nails with nail polish.

You may choose any hue or tone and combine two or more colors, giving your nails a versatile impression. 

Finally, seal the nail polish with a top coat to insulate it from the harsh environment and make it stay longer.  

Can You Make Fake Acrylic Nails With Tape?

Yes, it is possible to make fake acrylic nails with tape, and it is one of the alternatives to nail tips at home. You’ll need to cut, fold and layer the tap and then shape it according to your fingers, followed by stabilizing it with acrylic.  


Can you make fake nails with plastic?

Yes, fake nails can be made with plastic materials. You can use any plastic which is flexible, flat, thin, and adjustable, like a straw, tape, etc.  

How do you make homemade acrylic nails?

To make homemade acrylic nails, you’ll need acrylic powder, liquid monomer, and nail tips. Apply the liquid monomer to the nail tips, dip them into the acrylic powder, and then shape and buff the nails as desired.

Can I use different straw colors for acrylic?

Yes, you can use different straw colors for acrylic nails. Cut the straws into small pieces, embed them in the acrylic mixture, and then shape and finish the nails as usual.

Is it ok to use small straws for fake nails? 

It is not recommended to use small straws for fake nails. They may not provide sufficient strength or sizing. It is better to pick up a larger straw so that you can easily size it to suit your fingers. 

Conclusion On How To Make Fake Acrylic Nails Out Of Straw

Crafting your own fake acrylic nails utilising straw is a creative and budget-friendly alternative that can add a unique touch to your style. 

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can achieve stunning results with minimal effort and cost. 

While this method provides a fun and unconventional way to get beautiful nails, it’s important to acknowledge that professional salon services offer expertise and durability that may be unmatched. 

Practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if your initial attempts don’t turn out exactly as expected. Keep trying and refining your techniques. 

We hope this guide has inspired you to explore new possibilities with DIY acrylic and express your style in innovative ways. 

Marissa Arnold

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