How To Make Fake Acrylic Nails With Tape In 7 Steps? DIY Manicure

Want to learn an interesting way to do DIY fake nails at home? There are various household materials you can use for this purpose. 

One of these techniques is using tape. Although it may seem a senseless thing it’s possible and you can get salon-quality results. But how to make fake acrylic nails with tape?

You can use tape for acrylic nails as an alternative to nail tips. The technique involves proper cutting, folding, shaping, and binding the tape to your natural nails with nail adhesive. 

This strategy is quite simple and can save you money and time. I’ve used strategy many times and I’m sure if you meet me and look at my nails, you will not differentiate if they are made with tape. 

In the blog post, I’ve explained the complete procedure stepwise.   

What Can I Use Instead Of Nail Tips? 

If you want to try out something else instead of nail tips, you can try out common household materials like tape, straw, or even flexible plastic and strong paper materials.

However, you’ll have to cut and shape these materials in desired length and shape.   

How To Make Fake Acrylic Nails With Tape? Step By Step

You can use tape to make simple extensions by attaching them using glue or utilize them as a replacement for nail tips. I’ll explain both techniques in the following guide.

Supplies Needed

  • Clear tape
  • Small scissor
  • Nail glue
  • Nail polish 
  • Acrylic material 
  • Buffer

Instructions On How To Make Fake Nails Out of Tape

Step 1: Prepare Tape Strips

First of all, cut the tape into small strips, and keep in mind each strip should be two times longer than the length of your nails. 

Step 2: Fold The Strips 

Now take one strip and fold it 180 degrees in a way that one edge of the tape comes in contact with the other edge, just like you fold your clothes.

In this way, the adhesive side of the tape will be hidden and also provide a thick surface. The non-sticky sides will be exposed on both sides. 

If you want more thickness in your fake nails, you can fold another strip around the previous one in the same way, just like you’re piling clothes. 

However, if you already have thicker tape, you’ll not need more layers. In that case, just a single fold is enough to hide the sticky part, preventing the tape from sticking to the nails.   

Step 3: Cut And Shape 

Once you have formed a rough tape strip following the procedure above, you will need to shape it to fit your nails.

The natural shape of this tape strip will be rectangular. So take scissors and start cutting from the edges to make them round and match your cuticle. 

Cut from every angle and keep checking by putting it over the nails. Once it is trimmed and shaped exactly so that it can fit the natural nail, you’re done with preparing nail tips with the tape. 

If you want you can give these fake nails with tape a definite shape like French, coffin, almond, etc. 

Step 4: Put On The Tape Nails

After preparing nails out of tape, next is bonding them with your natural nails which can be done using nail adhesive.

Roughen out the natural nail surface by buffing it slightly. It will assist the nail glue to be more adherent. 

Apply a smaller amount of nail glue over the nails and then attach the synthetic nails made with tape. Hold the tape over the glued nails for a few seconds to facilitate strong adherence. Repeat this for all your fingers. 

Step 5: Apply Acrylic Material (Optional) 

If you want these synthetic nails created with tape to be more durable and stay for longer, you can do your acrylic nails and apply the acrylic material. 

Step 6: Shaping The Nails 

If you have used acrylic material, you will have to add extra effort to file acrylic nails and shape them for a sleek and smooth look.

Even if you’re using tape nails without acrylic, you have to cut and shape them.

 Step 7: Nail Polishing 

Finally, decorate your fake tape nails with nail polish. You may also go for designing and nail art.  

How Long Do Fake Nails Made With Tape Last?

Well, these nails may not survive for long without applying the acrylic material. The glue dissolves with time and especially when exposed to harsh chemicals during washing and cleaning. 

They may endure for a few days or even a week. Moreover, as they are very soft and flexible, they me get bent and misshaped if pressure is applied. 

So I recommend you never use nails prepared with tape without applying a topcoat of acrylic material.   

How To Make Fake Nails For Kids?

While doing nails for kids, first prioritize children’s safety and well-being, as fake nails can pose risks, especially if not done properly. 

Applying fake nails requires professional expertise and specific materials that may not be suitable for children.

If you’re interested in decorating nails for children, there are safer alternatives available. You can explore non-toxic and child-friendly nail polishes or nail art stickers developed for kids. 

These options are more enjoyable and creative without the potential hazards associated with fake nails.


Can you make fake nails out of tape?

Yes, you can make fake nails using tape. It can work as a substitute for nail tips. You just have to cut the tape and fold it accurately so that it fits the size of your natural nails. 

How do you stick fake nails with tape?

It is not recommended to use tape for attaching fake nails. Tape does not provide a strong and long-lasting bond needed for secure attachment. Instead, they should be applied using nail glue, nail adhesive tabs, or a combination of both.

Is nail tape better than glue?

Nail tape and nail glue serve different purposes when it comes to nail art. Nail tape is primarily used for creating designs and patterns on the nails, while nail glue is used for attaching artificial nails. Each has its own advantages and limitations, so the choice between the two depends on the outcome you want and the specific application.

What tape can I use for nail art?

For nail art, you can use specialized nail art tapes or striping tapes. These tapes are thin, flexible, and come in various colors and designs. They are specifically designed for producing intricate patterns and designs on the nails. Make sure to choose tapes that are safe for use on nails and easily removable without damaging the nails.

Conclusion On How To Make Fake Acrylic Nails With Tape

Creating fake acrylic nails using tape is a creative and cost-effective alternative to traditional acrylic nail application. 

While it may not provide the same longevity or durability as professional acrylic nail extensions, it can be a fun and temporary option for those looking to experiment with different nail designs or styles. 

When you’re ready to remove the fake acrylic nails made with tape, saturate your hands in warm water for a few minutes to loosen the adhesive and then peel off the tape from the cuticle end of the nail.

Be careful not to damage your natural nails. If there is any residue left behind, use a non-acetone nail polish remover to clean it off.

Happy Manicure!

Marissa Arnold

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