How To Paint Flowers In Acrylic For Beginners Step By Step? 5 Best Techniques 

Do you want to add some flowers to your painting but don’t know where to start and how to proceed? Well, here I’m, an artist who has been exploring the world of acrylic painting for several years.

From well-known artists to experienced teachers, I’ve learned a lot about the techniques and methods and applied them practically for years that go into creating beautiful floral paintings in acrylics. 

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years on how to paint flowers in acrylic for beginners. 

I’ll demonstrate drawing simple, realistic, and different kinds of flowers. Moreover, I’ll talk in detail about what you’ll need and how you should start, along with some of the best techniques for floral patterns.  

So read this step-by-step written tutorial thoroughly!

What Is The Best Paint For Painting Flowers?

The best type of paint for painting flowers greatly depends on your comfort, expertise, the surface you’re painting on, and the painting effect you want to achieve. However, some popular options include:

  • Watercolors

They are famous for painting flowers because they can produce delicate and translucent washes that capture the softness and fine gradations of color in petals and leaves.

  • Acrylic Paint

They are versatile and can be used to create vibrant, bold flowers with rich colors and defined edges. They dry quickly, which helps you layer them easily for depth and texture.

  • Oil Based Paint

Oil paints are known for their strong colors and the ability to make highly detailed and realistic flower paintings. They take longer to dry than acrylics but can be blended to create smooth transitions between different color coats.

How To Paint Flowers With Acrylic On Canvas? 

Painting flowers with acrylic on canvas is a beautiful and rewarding experience. You can get flower painting ideas from Pinterest or Instagram. Here is how to do one-stroke painting flowers:

Materials Needed 

  • Acrylic paints in various colors
  • Canvas
  • Paintbrushes
  • Palette or container for mixing paints
  • Water cup
  • Paper towels
  • Pencil 

Instructions On How To Paint Flowers On Canvas

Step 1: Paint The Background

Paint the background of the canvas. Choose a color that will complement the flowers and add depth to the painting. I usually fill the background with light blue or light green.

However, you may pick colors of your choice for this purpose as long as they are in consistent with the flower’s appearance. Once you have painted the background, let it dry well.

Step 2: Sketch The Floral Pattern

Take a pencil and sketch the basic outline of the flowers onto the canvas. You can add small flowers and large ones for different varieties. 

Make sure to draw the largest flowers first and then add the smaller ones. 

Step 3: Paint The Flowers

Start painting the flowers. Begin by painting the base color of the petals. 

Use a small paintbrush and apply the paint in long strokes, working from the center of the flower outwards. 

Build up the layers of paint to produce a sense of depth and texture.

Step 4: Add Details

Once the base layer has dried, add detail to the petals. Use a smaller brush and paint the darker shades and the details like the veins, lines, or dots of the petals. 

Add highlights by painting lighter colors on the edges of the petals.

Step 5: Paint The Stems And Leaves

Paint the stems and leaves of the flowers. Use a thin brush to form the details of the stems and leaves. 

It is a good idea to use different shades of green to give the leaves a more realistic look.

Step 6: Add The Final Touches

Once everything has dried, step back and assess the painting. If necessary, add final touches to the flowers or the background to balance the composition.

Finally, allow the painting to air dry before handling or framing it.

Congratulations! You’re done with creating a beautiful acrylic floral painting.

Best Acrylic Flower Painting Techniques For Various Flowers

Below I’ve discussed some of the best, most interesting, and simple strategies to create different kinds of flowers by utilizing common household tools. 

  1. Make Tulips Using a Fork

It is an interesting way to make petals of tulips with a fork. Simply dip the tines of the fork into the paint, and then start stamping the fork onto the canvas to create the petals of the tulip. 

Continue to stamp the fork onto the canvas to get more petals and shape the tulips as you go. Use different colors to produce various colors of tulips.

Once you have done with the petals, you can use a paintbrush to add the stem and leaves. You can also add details like shadows and highlights to make the tulips look more realistic.

  1. Making Flowers With Fingers

Even you can use your fingers to produce different flowers with vibrant colors. For this, dip your finger into the paint of your choice and press it onto the canvas or paper where you want your flower to go. 

This will be the center of your flower.

While the center is still wet, use another finger or a clean brush to create petals around the center. 

To do this, you can use a dragging or tapping motion to make different shapes for your petals. 

Moreover, you can select a cherry blossom, lavender, dahlia, sunflower, or lilacs and manipulate your finger motions over the canvas to develop their petals. 

  1. Paint Roses With Bok Choy

Techniques for painting flowers have no limits. You can even use vegetables for floral patterns. 

One such strategy I usually apply is using a bok choy. Here is how to paint roses in acrylic:

Just cut its end part (base) and clean it with water. This part can now be used as a stamp to produce roses. 

For this, dip it lightly into an acrylic color of your choice and stamp it onto canvas. 

After producing the petals, use a paintbrush to fill in the gaps, creating leaves, stems, and details.

It is a good technique to form a bouquet of roses. Moreover, you can stamp roses with this on DIY cards and wrap them for kids. 

One thing to take into account is you should make acrylic paint thinner to get rightly stamped roses and also cut bok choy evenly and symmetrically for perfect results. 

  1. Flowers With Plastic Bottle

If you’re looking for how to paint simple flowers, here is to use this easy way to paint flowers. 

Just look for a bottle, mostly likely the one having a bottom area that is raised. Most bottles have raised bases with five divisions.

Again dip that side or base of a bottle into the tray of acrylic paint, and press it on the surface you want the flowers on. 

Repeat this with various colors. You’ll get a floral pattern having five petals.

Now again, you have to add details and highlights by using brushes. 

  1. Painting Flowers With Celery

If you want to create a painting of a beautiful chrysanthemum flower, you can use an interesting technique that involves a celery stalk. 

First, make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the celery stalk. Then, you will need some acrylic craft paint.

Take the celery stalk and dip one end into the paint. Once it’s fully coated, press that ends onto your canvas or paper to create a petal shape. 

Keep repeating this process, stamping the painted end of the celery in a circular pattern until you have created enough petals to form a full chrysanthemum flower.

This will help you create many petals with just one dip of paint, similar to one stroke painting flowers technique. 

How To Paint Abstract Flowers?

Painting abstract flowers requires some good expertise, but with some practice using appropriate techniques and materials, you can get that abstract effect.

One popular approach is picking up a blank canvas and applying bold, colorful brushstrokes in an organic and intuitive way. You can try out different textures, shapes, and colors to create a unique and dynamic composition. 

Another option is to use mixed media, such as collages, to add depth and complexity to your painting. 

Don’t be afraid to let your creativity and imagination guide you as you explore your painting abilities. 

How To Paint Lupine Flowers?

I really love Lupine for its tall spikes of flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. They are often grown in gardens for their attractive and unique appearance. 

To capture them on your canvas, paint the background of the painting with a light wash of acrylic paint. Use light, sweeping strokes to build up smooth and even layers of color. 

You can use any color you like, but as I’m concerned light blues and greens work well for me to create a natural background.

Next, mix the appropriate colors for the petals, usually shades of blue, purple, and pink, and apply them using a brush with a light touch. 

Next, add the details, such as the stamen and leaves, using darker shades of the same colors. 

How To Paint Acrylic Flowers On Glass?

If you want to paint acrylic flowers on glass, first clean the glass surface to remove all kinds of debris and oil. 

Next, sketch the outline of the flowers with a washable marker with the help of a reference photo. 

Once you have the outline, apply a base coat of acrylic paint, and let it dry. After that, add the details to the flowers with various shades of paint and a small brush. 

To make acrylic paint transparent and give it a translucent effect, you can use a glazing medium or mix your paint with water.

Ultimately, let the paint dry, followed by sealing it with a clear acrylic sealant to protect the painting and give it a glossy finish.


What is the easiest flower to paint?

The easiest flower to paint may be different for different artists, depending on their skills. However, some flowers that are considered easy to paint include daisies, sunflowers, and poppies due to their simple shapes and bold colors.

How do you paint flowers well?

To paint flowers well, I suggest you observe the flower closely and pay attention to its shape, color, and texture. Sketching also adds an element of preventing mistakes in the basic shape of the flower. It’s also helpful to employ brushes of different sizes and techniques, such as dry brushing or wet-on-wet painting.

How do you paint petals?

You can paint petals using various approaches, but it depends on what kind of petal you’re going to draw. For round ones, you may need to work from the center while for asymmetrical ones, you have to move and drag the brush differently. 

How do you paint a blossom flower?

Blossom flowers can be painted using simple tools and brushes. However, you’ll have to decide on what kind of flower you’re painting and then build up layers and fine details using various strategies. 

Conclusion On How To Paint Flowers In Acrylic For Beginners 

Here ends my written tutorial, and if you’re willing to watch a video on YouTube for painting flowers, you may follow the link I’ve given above, where you’ll learn these techniques, tips, and tricks practically.

Best Wishes!

Jose Scott

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