How Long Do Posca Pens\Markers Last? How To Refill Them

What are Posca pens? Posca pens are artist-level markers manufactured by Uni POSCA company. Acrylic ink is used in these pens, which is why they are also called acrylic paint markers. They are commonly used for lettering, sharp designs, lining, and painting, but how long do posca pens last? Well, I’ll answer the query in detail.  

Many brands sell acrylic paint markers on Amazon, but I prefer Posca pens for many reasons. But most likely because my kids love them for being easy to use and non-toxic. 

In the blog post, I’ll answer your queries about Posca acrylic pens and discuss how to get the most out of them. Moreover, I’ll describe the procedure for refilling these pens. 

How Long Do Posca Pens Last?
Posca pens last for 1-3 years if stored and used correctly. Moreover, you can fill up to 6 A4-sized paper pages with the pen before the ink is dried. 

How Many Times Can Posca Pens Be Used?

There are some factors that play their role in deciding how long posca pens can be used before they run out of ink and get useless. I’ve explained them below. 

  • Ink Quantity 

The very first thing is the quantity of ink your pen is holding. It is evident that bigger-sized cells have more ink compared to small-sized ones. So it depends on the amount of ink present and how many times or how long you can use these pens. 

  • Frequency Of Use

Another thing is how frequently you’re using your pen. You can consume it in minutes by continuous use or filling larger sections on paintings, or you can save it for years by using it less frequently. I usually use these pens for lining and lettering. For painting or colouring large portions, I use an acrylic brush on paint. 

  • Surface Type

The surface plays a significant role in soaking out your posca pens. Some surfaces are absorbing, meaning that they extract more ink from the nib, while others are smooth and non-absorbing. The paint can be used on a variety of different tops, but how long it will stay wet depends on the absorbing nature of that surface. 

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How To Activate Posca Pens?

If you’re using Posca pens for the first time, you might be confused about how to activate them. Well, it’s not rocket science; you can make the pen work in seconds. Just follow the steps below.

  • Hold the pen in your hand with the nib side down.
  • Now shake it vigorously for 10 seconds.
  • Try drawing lines on paper with a pen. 
  • If it is not yet working or the lining is not opaque, repeat the process.
  • Shake it again and check it on the paper. 
  • Keep doing it until you get the pen fully activated, and it gives sharp colour and smooth lining. 

Note: If the pen is not getting activated even after continuous shaking, there is a chance the nib is clogged. To deal with the problem, remove the tip by unscrewing it and washing it. You can put the nib in warm water for a few hours to open its cells and make it allow the ink to flow. 

Features Of Posca Pens

Posca pens are my primary choice when it comes to selecting acrylic paint markers for adding some details to my artwork due to the following features.

  • Reversible Tips

The pen’s tip is reversible, meaning you can wash it and replace it with a new one. Moreover, the tips are easy to remove and put back due to their incredible mechanical design. Some of the pens in their collections come with extra tips in the package.

  • Multiple Nib Sizes 

The pen is available in multiple nib sizes, which can be picked according to your painting style and demand. The nib size ranges from 0. 7mm to 17 mm. Bullet and chisel, both types of nibs, are available. 

  • Wide Colour Range

One of the most significant features of Posca pens is their wide range of colours. They come in 8-colour and 12-colour sets. A set of 24 colours is also available. All these collections have light and bright tones. 

  • Non-Toxic 

Posca pens being water-based, are non-toxic to health, which is why they are animal and kids friendly. The solvent used in them is not alcohol, oils, or hydrocarbons, which are harmful when they produce vapours. 

  • Fast Drying

Posca pens dry fast when applied to a surface, meaning that you’ll not need to wait much to add additional layers. The reason is water in their composition, which evaporates quickly. 

  • Long Lasting 

How long do Posca pens last? One of the best things about Posca pens is their long-lasting nature. They can survive for long periods if provided with optimum conditions and stored under a strict environment. 

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Posca Pens? 4 Tricks

How long do posca markers last? Well, they last longer; a single set can be enough for your various paintings and drawings if used correctly. They are worth buying once you know how to utilise them. Following are some tips to use Posca pens to get the most out of them. 

  • Shake Well

How do Posca Pens work? Posca pens have a system of a piston and a ball. There is a sponge above the nib. On the opposite side of the sponge, a smaller ball (dipped into the ink) moves freely and works as a barrier between the ink and the sponge. So whenever you shake the pen, the ball is displaced and allows the ink to move into the sponge and, ultimately, the nib. 

I explained the pen’s system to make clear why shaking well can help you use it the right way. Shaking helps the ink get into the nib. A fully loaded nib can produce opaque colours. So how many times do you need to shake posca pens? It depends on your use, the age of the pen, and the quantity of ink. 

  •  Wash Nibs

The ink can sometimes get dry in the nib, which can cause its cells to get plugged. Moreover, dirt and dust particles can also get stuck in the nib. To get rid of dirt and dried-out ink and retain the freshness of the nib, you need to wash it. 

How to wash posca pen nib? It’s pretty simple and easy. Remove the nib, put it in warm water or wash it with alcohol. Clean thoroughly and let it dry. Put back the nib, then. 

  • Put Less Pressure 

The more you put pressure on the nib, the more the ink is extracted. So, putting less pressure on it while painting and lining can save the nib from getting damaged and also saves you ink. 

Sometimes the surface is hard, and you’ll need to press the nib to make it give opaque results; in this case, you should shake the pen frequently instead of pressing the nib hardly. 

  • Change Nibs

If you feel the nib has expired or the fibres are ruined, replace the nib. Posca pens have extra nibs, which can be swapped with the older ones. It helps you save ink and give excellent results. Moreover, changing the nib can also improve ink consumption. 

How To Store Posca Pens?

Posca pens, also called acrylic paint markers, can be stored to enhance their lifespan. If you regularly use the pens, you might want to put them in a safe place where their freshness maintains for months. Well, it’s possible following the storing conditions below. 

  • Don’t Store Uncapped 

Posca pens use acrylic ink, which is more diluted than acrylic paint and is also used for tattooing, meaning that there is more water content in these pens. So do posca pens run out of ink? Yes, they can get dry very quickly. If you leave them uncapped, the water starts evaporating through the nib leading to the nib, sponge, and ink getting dried and clogged. 

So never store the pens uncapped. Moreover, make sure you tightly close the cap so that it becomes airtight because air plays a crucial role in drying the ink. 

  • Store Upside Down

Another thing you should be careful about is storing Posca pens upside down, which means the nib side is on the lower side. What is the benefit of doing so? It helps the nib and sponge remain wet with the ink, which helps maintain the freshness of the nib and sponge. 

Otherwise, the nib and sponge will be clogged and dry, making it challenging for you to use them again. 

  • Store Under Optimum Environment 

When it comes to storing Posca pens, the optimum environment means the conditions like temperature, light, humidity, and air under which Posca pens can survive. So what is the best temperature to store Posca pens? They should be stored at lower temperatures ranging from 20-25 degrees Celsius. 

Posca pens should be stored in dry conditions where humidity is zero. Moreover, a dark location away from sunlight is ideal. So how long do Posca pens last under these conditions? They can last more than 5-6 years if the pen casing remains stable.

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How To Refill Posca Pens?

When it comes to recycling or reusing, can you refill Posca Pens? Yes, you can reuse posca pens by refilling them. Pouring some water or acrylic ink into the pen can make it reactive. Here is a complete guide on how to refill posca markers. 

Materials Needed

  • Gloves 
  • Old Posca pen
  • Acrylic Ink
  • Clean water
  • Dropper
  • Rough paper
  • Newspaper 

Procedure To Refill Posca Pens (Step by Step)

Step 1: Arrange The Setup

Arrange your tools and set up the things for posca refill. Put on gloves to avoid stains. Moreover, put a newspaper or any rough piece of cloth under the working area so that the floor or surrounding is safe from spills of ink. 

Step 2: Unscrew The Tip

Now hold the pen and move the tip clockwise to remove it. You can use an unscrewing tool if it is too tight or slippery. You can remove the pen tip by holding it with a towel or any rough cloth. It will increase the friction and, ultimately, the force to remove the tip. 

Step 3: Remove the Sponge And Ball

We know that there is a sponge that is connected to the nib and a ball that is freely moving in the lumen above the sponge. Remove these two parts and put them aside (You can wash them to improve their performance).

Step 4: Wash The Lumen

If you’re willing to use the same ink the pen had before, you don’t need to wash the lumen of the pen. But if you’re refilling it with a different one, you must wash the pen lumen thoroughly to remove the stains and remains of the previous ink. 

Wash it with alcohol or warm water and soap. Let it dry before you proceed. Moreover, you have to wash the sponge and nib as well to remove ink remains from them too, so that your new filling has the same result you’re expecting.

Step 5: Fill The Ink

Now you can fill the lumen of the pen with ink. Take the dropper, fill it with ink and then release it into the pen body. Fill to the half. Make sure you use the same colour ink the pen had before. Or you can blend two inks to discover new colour tones.

Step 6: Reinstall The Parts

Put on the parts of the pen back. Reinstall the sponge and ball. Screw the nib anti-clockwise. Make sure the components are installed correctly. Once the pen is ready again, you can proceed to the next step. 

Step 7: Try Writing On a Page

Take a trial of the recycled pen. Shake it vigorously and try writing or painting on a rough page. If the results are promising, add the pen to your collection. 

Step 8: You’re Done

Congrats, you’re done reviving Posca pens!

How Long Do Posca Marker Take To Dry?

Posca markers can take a few minutes to a few months to dry depending on when the ink dries. If your usage is normal, the ink will last for longer. However, if you take an A4-sized paper page and start filling it with the marker, you’ll get your marker dry after completely filling 6 to 7 pages.


How long does a posca marker last?

Posca marker may last for years if used carefully. If you start filling entire sketchbook pages, the pen will take on at least 6-7 A4-sized pages before drying.

How to remove Posca pen from fabric?

To remove Posca pens stains from the fabric, I suggest you try rubbing alcohol or spirit. You may also go for bleaching powder. However, make sure the fabric color is not dark, as it will get fade with strong washing agents.

Are Posca pens waterproof?

Yes, Posca Pens are waterproof once fully cured (dried). They are resistant to moisture, but exposing them to water for a long can dissolve the ink and spoil your art.

Do you need to seal Posca Pens?

Sealing Posca pen paintings or drawings are optional. It is not crucial to seal them, but doing so can provide protection to your art from UV rays, weathering, and scratches.

Are Posca pens permanent on fabric?

Yes, Posca pens are permanent on fabric if applied accurately. The pens use acrylic ink, which is highly adhesive and lasts for longer. But washing the fabric vigorously with strong chemical agents can fade the designs.

Can you use Posca pens on the walls?

Yes, you can use Posca pens on walls. But you can use it for lining, lettering, naming, and sharp layouts only. You can’t paint walls with pens. 

Are Posca pens flammable? 

No, Posca pens are not flammable because the solvent used in them is water. Pens using alcohol, hydrocarbon, and oils as solvents are flammable. 

Final Thoughts

So how long do Posca pens last? It depends on the situation, and we have talked enough about the conditions and factors involved in retaining the freshness of the pens. Hope you found the post informative, and I wish you got what you were looking for.

Thank you for reading!

Jose Scott

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